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GlowLift™ + Magic Mascara Kit

GlowLift™ + Magic Mascara Kit

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Is It Suitable For All Types Of Lashes, Including Extensions?

 specifically designed for use on natural eyelashes. Its gentle heating mechanism is optimized to curl and lift your natural lashes without causing damage or discomfort. 

We don't recommend using the Lash Lift Pro on eyelash extensions, as the heat may weaken the glue bond or alter the shape and quality of the extensions. 

Always ensure you are using the device as intended for the safety and longevity of your natural lashes


Is There A Risk Of Burning My Eyelids With Lash Lift Pro?

The heating element is carefully shielded by specially designed grooves that help protect the skin of your eyelids from direct heat. This feature allows the warmth to be focused solely on your lashes, significantly reducing the risk of burns.


How Does The Lash Lift Pro Differ From Traditional Eyelash Curlers?

Traditional curlers often use a clamp-like mechanism which can sometimes be harsh on the lashes, leading to potential damage or even pulling lashes out if not used carefully.  

The Lash Lift Pro, on the other hand, uses a gentle heat technology that curls the lashes without any harsh physical force. This innovative approach is less invasive and reduces the risk of damaging or inadvertently removing lashes. 

It provides a smooth, even curl that traditional mechanical curlers may not achieve, especially for those with delicate or sparse lashes.

GlowLift™ + Magic Mascara Kit

Regular price $31.98
Regular price $31.98 Sale price $69.99
SAVE 50% Sold out
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      Lush, Lifted Lashes Are ONE Curl Away

      Engineered with precision heat technology, each use of the Glowsubi Lash Pro promises to safely deliver the lasting curl and lift your lashes lov

      Lashes That Stay Curled All Day

      Our Lash Lift Pro promises a resilient sky-lift hold throughout your day into your night. Start your daily routine and have a lasting beauty statement that endures as long as you do!


      Protect Your Lashes

      Uses advanced, precision heat technology to gently and effectively curl lashes without any tugging or pulling. Protect your lashes from damage and also ensures a longer-lasting curl.


      Why we're better.

      Our design has been tested against many of our competitors and here's the discovery..


      Red light


      Quick Heating

      NOT USB



      30-day money-back guarantee.

      We are confident in our Glowsubi Lash Kit! If you are not satisfied in 30 days, reach out to us any time, No questions asked!